Main Room Event and Concert Lineup for Conflikt 12
Circle, Workshop, and Panel information coming soon!

FRIDAY January 25th:

6:30p Opening Ceremonies
7:30p Concert: Cacophonie
8:30p Concert: Toastband! PDX Broadsides
9:30p until the morning: Open Filk

SATURDAY January 26th:

11:30p Performance: Twofers
12:30p Concert: Sarah Shay
2:30p Concert: Interfilk Guest Lauren Cox
3:30p Interfilk Auction
7:30p Concert: The Faithful Sidekicks
8:30p Concert: Guest of Honour Leslie Hudson
9:30p Open Filk

SUNDAY January 27th:

11:30a Concert: Blind Lemming Chiffon
12:00p Concert: Cat Faber
2:30p Performance: Songwriting Contest
3:30p Performance: Band Scramble
4:30p Concert: Menage a Trio
6:00p (in secondary space) Closing Jam
8:00p Smoked Salmon Filk Circle to close out the con