Friday, 24 November 2017
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CD Sing-Along

We have started a tradition every year of having the entire membership of the con record a sing-along song for inclusion on a future Conflikt Lunch CD.

This year, the sing-along will be Rich Glover's "Find Your Heart". You can hear it at BandCamp!

We have reproduced the lyrics below.

Find Your Heart
by Rich Glover
All Rights Reserved - Used by permission.

I’ve had good times
I’ve had bad
Sometimes getting through the day
Took everything I had
I’ve been happy
I’ve been sad
I’ve made friends along the way
For that I sure am glad
I’ve found that when I’m singing
Is when I’m truly free
That may not be true for everyone
But I know it is for me
Chorus: Find your heart
Set it free
Take your dream
Make it all that it can be
Find your heart
Let it soar
May your cup of life and joy
Be filled forevermore
Find your heart
Maybe you’re an actor
Bound for stage or screen
Maybe you’re an artist
Or have a flair for comedy
Or maybe you’re an author
Painting pictures with your words
Whatever brings you happiness
No dream is too absurd
  Repeat Chorus  
You’ll find frightened folks aplenty
Afraid of what their dreams contain
They’ll say give up your ambition
Because we all should be the same
But it’s just because they’re frightened
Of what their open eyes might see
My life is in my music
They can’t take that from me
  Repeat Chorus

© 2006-2016