Thursday, 13 June 2024
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Toastmaster : Andrew Ross
bio written by Brooke Lunderville

I first met Andrew at Orycon in 2005. He was wearing a T-shirt with 37 different colours on it, singing boisterously about Lydia Pink's Liver Pills, and then they told me he was a lawyer. Well friends, if practicing law does this sort of thing to your brain, I'm ready for my trial! (Plus who better to run the juried one-shots? Har har har.)

He has hidden in the shadows for years, quietly making sure Orycon had such a fabulous filk track that it was almost a filk con by itself, but avoiding concerts of his own. But once he's dragged up on stage, an amazing thing happens. The modest, self-effacing man is transformed in to a performer of rare presence and quality. He will have you eating out of the palm of his hand. He will break your brain with his witty lyrics. He will have you spellbound with his wonderful, melodic voice. And he's recently turned his hand to learning the guitar, and his music has become all the richer for it.

He's quite the going concern this year! At the same time that Conflikt fixed our toastmaster-laser-eye on him, Interfilk was sizing him up. (They have excellent taste, what can we say!) He comes to us fresh from a gloriously successful stint as Interfilk guest at GAFilk. They're still raving about his fabulous concert. Come hear his Conflikt concert and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about! If you've been to Orycon lately or were lucky enough to catch his fabulous Worldcon 2008 concert, you already know - and you can save me a seat in the front row.

Andrew is a kind man, a brilliant man, a man who is not afraid to wear a blonde wig and dance a merry jig, and you are in for SUCH a treat.

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