Monday, 18 March 2019
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Toastmaster : Rob Wynne

When Rob, Larissa, and I first discussed them moving from Atlanta to Seattle and rooming together, I could not have imagined where things would go. Rob was an amazing long-distance friend (even if he did rope me into the game show at GAFilk the first year I went). He is charming, warm, caring, a great hugger, funny, and dedicated to the filk community and the people in it.

Several years ago he joined up on the Pegasus Committee to help administrate the Pegasus awards every year (he was nominated for a songwriting Pegasus himself in 2001 for "A Con Spent in a Circle"). That was along with chairing GAFilk from Seattle, something he is still doing. Over the last year he stepped up and added an Interfilk position to his filker plate.

I have felt honored and humbled to be able to call Rob a friend, co- conspirator, and confidant.I was thrilled when he was announced as our Toastmaster for this year, as I can think of few more deserving of being worked to exhaus... uh, honored as him.Though on a selfish note I am saddened that I won’t get to hang out with him as much. I know he will make us laugh a lot this weekend.

-- Beth Runnerwolf


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