Wednesday, 21 November 2018
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Toastmistress : Sunnie Larsen
Sunnie Larsen
photo by William Alan Photo
Sunnie Larsen is a life-long performer who often claims that music is her first language. She began violin lessons at the age of 3, and over the years branched out into other instruments (piano, string bass, guitar, viola, and mandolin). As a teenager, she expected she would follow the path of the professional musician and had hoped to establish herself as the principal violist of a fancy symphony orchestra in some exotic world locale... but life had other plans. She now splits her time between her professional life, where she loves her career as a 911 dispatcher, and her personal life, where she is much more of a rock musician than her classically-trained younger self ever expected to be. You can find Sunnie performing with Seattle groups Vixy & Tony, Bone Poets Orchestra, and Ship of Dreams, and occasionally working on tracks for her first solo album.